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Closing Sections Manually and Managing Mobile Bidding Sections

Closing Sections Manually (for Bidsheet bidding)

Users of the Bidsheet Plus™ or higher level packages can enter bid results in the Section Close Functions on the AuctionDay page. The silent auction portion of an event typically has different sections or tables of items that close progressively throughout the evening. Staggering the section close times:

  1. Increases the excitement level and adds to the fun of an event
  2. Encourages attentive bidding
  3. Speeds up check-out because the data entry is spread out over the course of the event

Projecting a countdown timer and having an announcer calling the close of each section further increases the excitement and urges attendees to up their bids as sections prepare to close.

After entering results, the software can automatically notify winners by email or text, or by projecting or printing the results for displaying in the room. See the following topics for further instructions:

Using and Closing Sections with Mobile Plus and Mobile Pro

Mobile Plus™ and Mobile Pro™ users can enjoy the benefit of letting Silent Auction Pro manage multiple section closing times for them.

To use staggered section close times with our Mobile packages, first you have enable the feature:

  1. Navigate to the Auction Admin page and select Create and Manage Auction Items>>Manage Online Bidding.
  2. Check the Enable different closing times by section box to activate different closing times by section.
Next, you must establish the staggered start/end times for each auction section:
  1. In the Bidding Options field, select the start date/time and end date/time for each auction section.
  2. Check the Automatically notify winners when bidding ends box to ensure that Silent Auction Pro closes each section on time and sends announcements to all winners.
  3. Click the Save Bidding Options button.
You will only be able to assign start/end times for sections that already have items assigned to them.

For example: if you plan to use 3 sections, but have only assigned auctions items to sections 1 and 2, you will NOT be able to designate the start/end time for section 3 until you have assigned at least one auction item to it.

Section number is assigned during the create auction item process, using either the Auction Item Bundle feature or Auto-Create Auction Items feature.