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Our Company Hours* are 9am Eastern - 7pm Pacific Monday through Friday and 12pm Eastern to 5pm Pacific on weekends.
* We ALWAYS have free night of event support that extends to the end of your event even if your event ends outside of our normal company hours.
Event Checklists
  • Whether your event is one month or one day away, there is a checklist available to keep you on time and on target for your event!
Event Checklist Hub
Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)
  • Printable cheat sheets for all of the most common tasks using Silent Auction Pro to prepare for your auction and event.
Quick Reference Card Hub
How To Videos
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? A LOT! Stop reading and watch one of our video tutorials on how to get stuff done!
How To Video Channel
Procedural Help
  • Find built-in help throughout the site! Click the icon anywhere you see it to get task-specific help right where you need it.
Silent Auction Pro on the spot help - found in site!
None of the help makes sense and I still don't get it!!

No worries, we got you! Dial 408-583-4880 and select option 2 to speak to our friendly support team.

Hair on fire and you need help NOW? It's after hours and you have a crisis? Dial 408-583-4880 and select option 3 for Urgent Help.

We've removed the old help index from this page. It needs to be updated and reflect the new Task-based menu. If you need to access the old help you may do so through this link.

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