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Silent Auction Pro Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

Communicating with guests, attendees, bidders, participants

Use our built in, group specific links and QR codes to advertise your event and auction via email, on your organization's web site, and on social media.
In addition, for our Bidsheet Pro™ and Mobile Pro™ package users, our Communications tool provides you the ability to send and schedule emails, texts and announcements right from the software. Target your previous donors or attendees, send messages to ticket holders, post announcemetns on your Home page - all to help you reach your guests and provide a well-executed event for your participants.

  1. Using software links and QR codes
  2. Send and schedule texts and emails

For additional info on marketing and communications

  1. Communication and marketing with Bidsheet Pro™ or Mobile Pro™ packages - Help page
  2. Scheduling announcements, emails and texts - Help page
  3. Writing letters, emails, texts and custom reports - Help page

Event Check in QRCs

Check in at your event can be busy and sometimes stressful, but with our easy to follow QRCs, we give you step by step instructions on how to check in your guests quickly.
Select the appropriate QRC for your bidding type:

  1. Check in for events with online bidding
  2. Check in for events with bid sheet bidding
  3. Buying and assigning tickets at check in
  4. How to register for online bidding, a QRC for your Guests!

For additional info on Check in...

  1. Check in: The basics - Help page
  2. Check in: Participants report - Help page
  3. Check in: Using AutionDay - Help page
  4. Check in: For Silent Auction Pro bidders: how to register and bid using Silent Auction Pro - Help page
  5. Event check in for online bidding events - YouTube video tutorial

Event Check out QRCs

Depending on the type of bidding you're offering at your event, check out will look different for each type of event. Inherently, check out for events using online bidding is faster and easier, but with our Express Checkout options for bidsheet bidders, lines move pretty quickly.
Select the appropriate QRC for your bidding type:

  1. Check out preparation for events with online bidding
  2. Check out procedures for events with online bidding
  3. Check out for events with bid sheet bidding

For additional info on Check out...

  1. Check out - Help page
  2. Check out: Processing express checkout bidders - Help page
  3. Check out: Managing payments and processing refunds - Help page

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