Product Pricing and Options

All pricing quoted is per event. If you use Silent Auction Pro for multiple events in the same calendar year, we offer a 20% discount on your 2nd event and 30% discount on the 3rd and subsequent events in the same calendar year.

AuctionCore™   (Required)Price: $99.00

  • Simultaneous, unlimited multi-user system
  • Multiple authorization levels for group members
  • Contact management
    • Easily enter, update and track contacts
    • Assign custom affiliation and label tags
    • Create email reminders and notes
  • Donation management
    • Easily enter and track donations
    • Customizable donation tags and classes
  • Create customized auction item bundles
    • Supports multiple auction types (Live Auction, Silent Auction, Raffle, etc.)
    • Easily set minimum bids and bid increment amounts
    • Support for multi-winner items
  • Printed material
    • Gift certificates
    • Printed bid sheets - full page, half page, multiple winner, more...
  • Customizable group logo
  • Create custom mailing lists and data exports
  • Post group announcements
  • Detailed event statistics
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Easily import (1) and export data
  • Auction data is hosted forever (2)
(1) Unlike our competitors, we don't hold your data hostage. We make it easy to export almost everything from Silent Auction Pro. Contact data (donors and attendees) can be easily imported into Silent Auction Pro via a spreadsheet. This is done through our technical support group for a nominal fee and is typically only done once.
(2) Auction data is hosted forever as long as your group uses and pays for at least one event per year.

AuctionDayPrice: + $249.00 + 2.0% (3)

  • Check-in / check-out support
    • Simple, streamlined check-in / check-out process
    • Printed attendees bidder numbers
    • Printed attendee info sheets
    • Rapid entry of bid results
    • Section count-down timer
    • Simple auction results print-outs by section number
    • Project winning bid results screen
    • Process invoices and accept last minute cash donations
    • Accept credit card, cash or check payments
    • Record and process ticket sales
    • Instantly troubleshoot common questions
  • Optional integrated merchant account
    • Seamless integrated credit card support
    • Sell tickets and accept cash donations online
    • Securely swipe credit cards via USB based credit card swipers (optional)
    • Securely store credit cards and charge them later
    • View complete payment history and easily issue refunds, re-print receipts, etc.
  • Detailed event history auction results report
  • Detailed payment history - every transaction is logged
  • FREE Premium Technical Support (4)
(3) The price for AuctionDay is $249.00 plus 2.0% of gross proceeds from your event.
  • Gross proceeds include proceeds from all auctioned items and donations.
  • Proceeds from ticket sales are excluded from AuctionDay percentage fee.
  • The 2.0% fee is capped at $2,000 for any single event. (For example, if you raised $10,000 from auctioned items, the 2.0% added fee would be $200, if you raised $100,000 the fee would be $2000. Anything over $100,000 raised, the 2.0% caps at $2,000).
  • If you purchased the AuctionDay component and bidding results are not entered into Silent Auction Pro we will assume that the proceeds from the auctioned items is equal to 60% of the value of the donated items and use that as the basis for the 2.0% fee.
(4) Premium technical support is included free for those groups who purchase the AuctionDay component.
  • For organizations purchasing only AuctionCore™ or AuctionCore™ and AuctionPromoter™, technical support is available on a limited basis and via email only.
  • Premium technical support for groups not purchasing AuctionDay is available for an additional $99.00.

AuctionPromoterPrice: + $149.00

  • Create and print customized "mail merged" letters, emails and texts such as: donor thank you letters, donation solicitation letters, email blasts, forms, reports and more
  • Scheduled notifications - predefined posting and removal of announcements and sending of emails and texts
  • Instantly create a publicly viewable online program guide and online public donations list
  • Leader board displays
    • Scrolling marquee leader board displays the detailed information about each auction item including current bidding status
    • Auction proceeds leader board dynamically shows a money raised bar chart for any auction type and includes names of top bidders
    • Bidding status leader board shows a grid of current bidding status for all auction items sorted by bidder number
  • Export auction items to create a printed program guide using Word or other compatible word processor programs
  • Enhance group branding by presenting a full page banner plus key sponsor logos
  • Print table tent display sheets including photos and donor logos for each auction item
  • Custom data export for Raiser's Edge®, eTapestry® and other donor management systems
  • Include donation / auction item photos
  • Include donor / sponsor logos
  • Include links to donor / sponsor websites
  • When purchased with AuctionDay:
    • Create and manage unlimited advanced ticketing scenarios (on sale dates, limited tickets, group tickets, sponsorships, etc.) and included item choices such as dinner choices, etc.
    • Easily manage complex seating and table assignment requests using our visual seating management tool

AuctionMobile+(5)Price: + $299.00

  • Simple mobile and full-browser interfaces for mobile devices and lap-top or desk-top platforms
  • Simple mobile and full-browser sign up pages
  • Personalized online bidding center for each online bidder
  • Bidders may filter or seach for items by category, title, section, or auction type
  • Multiple bidding options; Placed Bid, Max Bid with proxy bidding, Buy-It-Now or Watch
  • Kiosk Bidding for bidders who don't have their own device
  • Automatic notifications via text and email sent when high bidder is out-bid
  • Complete online bidding management and status page for auction administrators
  • Set different closing times by section or one overall closing time
  • Extend bidding option for up to 5 minutes if bids are placed in the last 10 seconds of bidding
  • Post online bidder announcements

(5) The AuctionDay™ component must also be purchased for online bidding and you must use the integrated credit card processing within Silent Auction Pro.

Other Optional Services:

Contact data import: $100.00

Attendee data import: (1) $125.00

Pre-paid additonal year of hosting: (2) $49.00/yr

Credit card reader rental: (3) $35.00/reader

Banner design: Request a Quote

Event staffing: Request a Quote

Custom Reporting: Request a Quote

(1) Includes importing contact data plus marking all imported contacts as bidders for the current event.
(2) Prepaid hosting is $49 for a year. If hosting is paid after expiration (and data has not been deleted), hosting is $99.00 for a year.
(3) Includes standard one-way priority mail shipping if ordered more than 8 days before your event. IMPORTANT: Readers ordered closer than 8 days to an event incur significant additional shipping and handling fees. (Order your readers early!)
(4) If your event is canceled or you choose not to use Silent Auction Pro after agreeing to this services agreement, you will be charged $99.00 as a cancellation fee regardless of which options you chose for your event.