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Giving Campaigns:

Giving Campaigns are separate from Events. Giving Campaigns allow you to set up a customized page where your supporters may make one-time or recurring weekly, monthly or annual donations to your organization.

Consider this example: You appeal to your supporters that for the price of cup of coffee, they could donate $5 a week to your organization for one year. That's $260 a year for one donor. If 100 supporters do that, you're up ~$25,000 over the course of the year including all fees, with zero effort on your part!

  • Set-up fee: $99 one time fee per campaign.
  • Monthly fee: $19.95
  • Credit card processing fee: 2.9%. No per-transaction fees and no monthly maintenance fees.
    (Note: Donors may choose to cover the credit card processing fee!)

Click here to see an example of the Giving Campaign for the Demo Group. Text the word "giving" to 63665 to see how it looks on your phone for a "Text-to-Give" option!

Additional Information:

Silent Auction Pro Fact Sheet
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Other Optional Services:

Contact data import: $100.00

Attendee data import: (1) $125.00

Pre-paid additional year of hosting: $49.00/yr

Credit card reader rental: (2) $10.00/reader

Event staffing: Request a Quote

*The fixed fee portion of the package price is paid only once per year and you may have as many (non concurrent) events using the same package as you wish within the year from your date of sign up (Sign up date = subscription date). After your event, you will be invoiced for the package price PLUS 2% of auction proceeds and 1% of ticket proceeds.

** The 2.0% fee is applied to the gross proceeds from EACH event and is capped at $2,000 for any single event. (For example, if you raised $10,000 from auctioned items, the 2.0% added fee would be $200, if you raised $100,000 the fee would be $2000. Anything over $100,000 raised, the 2.0% caps at $2,000). Gross proceeds include proceeds from all auctioned items and donations recorded through online ticket sales or through the Auction Day page.

As of January 1, 2021 all ticket sales are subject to a 1% fee. Ticket sales proceeds are separate from the gross proceeds above. There is no cap on the 1% charge for ticket sales.

***If you purchase any package beyond the Bidsheet Basic package and bidding results are not entered into Silent Auction Pro we will assume that the proceeds from the auctioned items is equal to 60% of the value of the donated items and use that as the basis for the 2.0% fee. (1) Includes importing contact data plus marking all imported contacts as bidders for the current event.
(2) Reader rental only for customers using Worldpay as their credit card processor. Includes standard one-way priority mail shipping if ordered more than 8 days before your event. IMPORTANT: Readers ordered closer than 8 days to an event incur significant additional shipping and handling fees. Customers using Card Connect may rent readers directly from Card Connect. Please see our credit card readers help page.
(3) We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with Silent Auction Pro. After 30 days, if your event is canceled or you choose not to use Silent Auction Pro you will be charged $99.00 as a cancellation fee regardless of which options you chose for your event. That cancellation fee may be applied as payment for your next event if you come back and use Silent Auction Pro within one year of canceling your event.

**** Silent Auction Pro partners with Card Connect and Worldpay for credit card processing. All monthly maintenance fees are waived for Silent Auction Pro customers. Credit card processing fees are a flat 2.9% with no per transaction fees.