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What is
Silent Auction Pro?

Online silent auction event management software providing a complete event management solution for charitable fundraising. Sell tickets, store credit cards, online and mobile bidding, and more. Top rated software for all types of charitable organizations including Schools, Churchs, Service Clubs, etc.

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Maximize your Profits,
Minimize your time...

Running a fundraiser is a lot of work. You want a tool that makes it easy, has everything you need, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Silent Auction Pro is the solution - Simple, Affordable, Powerful. Our web-based interface is intuitive and easy-to-use from the first click, and help is available at a touch of a button...

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Mobile Bidding, Online
Bidding and More...

Instantly create customized online bidding and mobile bidding websites, or generate bid sheets and bidder paddles. Sell tickets and accept credit cards. Send text notifications, track bidding trends and status. After your event, access detailed reports that analyze every aspect of your event...

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Here's what our customers are saying:

In 2010, we successfully used Silent Auction Pro to manage and organize our silent auction, which included nearly 200 auction packages. Beginning in the early planning stage through to the post-auction tasks, Silent Auction Pro's customer service and technical support were phenomenal. Any questions or concerns were immediately responded to, either via email or telephone, in a thorough and thoughtful manner. We also found the company's prices to be extremely competitive and in line with what our event budget allowed. With the use of Silent Auction Pro, our 200 guests registered and checked-in with ease and convenience. Our silent auction was smooth and efficient, and was our most financially successful one yet. The check-out process was markedly improved from years past and this was in large part due to Silent Auction Pro. The post-event reports, produced by Silent Auction Pro, were also outstanding and provide important data that will be helpful to us in planning future auctions and ev...

Teresa M.
Auction Chair - BookEnds
Raised over $24,000

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