Auction Chair

Raised over $14,000

St. Christopher's Montessori Preschool - Canada

For several years, our school has hosted live and silent auction fundraisers where parent volunteers generated MS Excel worksheets and Access databases to track contacts, donations and auction items. This year we were thrilled to discover Silent Auction Pro! Multiple users, many with little computer skill, were able to log on to Silent Auction Pro from any computer and track all of the data necessary to run a successful auction. From managing contacts to bundling auction items, we were constantly impressed with the level of functionality of this software. In addition, the ability to accept credit cards for payment really increased our profits. The Silent Auction Pro support staff went above and beyond to answer our questions in a timely fashion ensuring that the data management aspect of our auction ran very smoothly. We will definitely be using Silent Auction Pro in the future to simplify our fundraising efforts.

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