Executive Director, International Preschools

Raised over $19,000

International Preschools

Thank you again for developing the perfect solution to the chaos that was our annual auction. This year's process was simple from the moment we created an event with Silent Auction Pro. In allowing multiple committee members to enter contact inquiries and donations, everyone was on the same page and we avoided embarrassing double-solicitations. The auction administrator and assistants were able to easily sort donations as they arrived based on the software, nothing was misplaced or left out. Follow up was easy for our uncollected donations because the committee members and auction chairs were able to edit the item status from committed to received by member to received by auction admin. The process of converting donations to auction items (silent, live, or raffle) was intuitive and quick. The help file's comprehensive instructions and pointers were invaluable! Everyone who commented on the auction had a positive reaction to check in and check out, we had no lines all night with 160+ attendees and 200+ items and only 3 computers! The emails the Silent Auction Pro support staff sent as the event neared with checklists and reminders made it seem like we had an extra person assisting with the event organization. Thank you! We will be using Silent Auction Pro for every auction we have in the future.

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