Auction Chair

Raised over $30,000

Powderhorn Elementary School

Silent Auction Pro was a huge part of the success of our event last year. Our auction raised well over $30K last year and the year prior I think we did around $20K. The system was great for organizing and tracking all of our donations. We had over 200 donations, and when it came time for our event, we loved the bid sheets and our check out has never run smoother. Another feature we loved was the gift certificates you could print right off the site. We had quite a few donors that did not create a certificate for us and so we loved that we could go right into Silent Auction Pro and print one off. I know our committee is using the program again this year and it was so nice to be able to send a donation letter to all of our previous years donors by just hitting a button. This is a great feature if you plan to use the software year after year.

It was a little scary the first year but we had no problems the night of our event and we were able to check everyone out so quickly. The best part is we had totals immediately following our event. And then the reporting section was so helpful so we could see in what areas we raised the most money. Oh, and we loved being able to sell tickets to our event through this site too. That was great and it made check in the night of our event seamless. We could print bid numbers for our attendees right off the site which was great!

There is a bit of a learning curve the first year but the Silent Auction Pro help desk was great with answering any and all of our questions. Our committee did look at other silent auction software programs but this was by far the best software for the money.

I really have nothing negative to say. I think it is an incredible program and a blessing to non-profits that are trying to raise money but do not have huge budgets to work with. I ran our silent auction for 4 years and last years auction was by far our most successful.

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