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Top 9 Mobile Bidding Software You Should Try in 2024

Explore the top mobile bidding platforms: features, pricing, and more

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The new year has unfolded a new chapter in fundraising and auctions, marking the era where mobile bidding is not just an option, but a necessary element for success. Gone are the days when this technology was a mere novelty; today, it stands at the forefront of charity events, galas, and fundraisers. 

In an age where more nonprofit organizations are utilizing digital tools, selecting the ideal mobile bidding software is a strategic decision that can turn a good event into a memorable one. With so many mobile bidding platforms out there, it can be tough to decide which ones are worth trying and which should be ignored. 

Let's take a look at the top contenders for 2024 and how they compare to Silent Auction Pro

What is mobile bidding?

Simply put, mobile bidding is a technology-driven method that allows guests at fundraisers, galas, and live and silent auctions to place bids on items via mobile devices. It's like having an auction in your pocket without the frantic waving of paddles or the minimal reach of an in-person-only event. 

The advancement of mobile bidding has been remarkable. Over the past few years, it has evolved from a tech novelty to a core element of modern fundraising. This transformation has been driven by the increasing reliance on smartphones and the growing need for convenience and accessibility in the fundraising sector.

Why does mobile bidding resonate so well with today's fundraisers and participants? 

Mobile bidding isn’t just some luxury that only massive organizations can afford to use. It’s an affordable option for everyone. Here are just some of the reasons people are drawn to mobile bidding options:

  • It streamlines the bidding process. No more jostling in crowds or trying to catch the auctioneer's eye. 
  • It also opens up the event to a wider audience, allowing remote participants to join in, which can significantly boost fundraising efforts. 
  • The real-time nature of mobile bidding keeps the excitement high, as bidders receive instant updates and notifications.
  • It can work alongside and complement your existing tools, like silent auction bidding sheets.

Key considerations when choosing mobile bidding software

Selecting the right mobile bidding software is much like choosing a partner for your event – it needs to align with your goals and understand your needs. Here are just a few crucial factors to ponder:

  • Features galore: What does the software offer? Look for key features like user-friendly interfaces, real-time bidding and updates, and comprehensive auction management tools. Features such as "Bid for Me," custom color branding, and outbid notifications enhance the experience for bidders and organizers alike.
  • Pricing transparency: Budget is always a consideration. Seek out platforms that offer clear, transparent pricing without hidden fees. Some platforms, like Silent Auction Pro, even offer flexible plans, no upfront costs, and the option to pay after your event, easing upfront financial burdens.
  • Customer service excellence: When the heat of the auction is on, responsive customer service can be a game-changer. Opt for platforms that provide robust support through phone, email, chat, or even onsite assistance. Remember, good customer service can be the difference between a bump in the road and a catastrophe.
  • Ease of use: Your mobile bidding software should be an enabler, not a hurdle. A user-friendly interface is vital for both participants and organizers, especially when dealing with a mix of tech-savvy and traditional bidders. Opt for platforms that work with your paper-based systems to allow an easier transition and greater flexibility. 
  • Understanding your event needs: Every event is unique. Whether it's a small local fundraiser, a silent auction, or a large gala, the mobile bidding software should cater to your organization's specific needs. That includes considering the size of the event, the type of audience, and the nature of the items up for auction.

Considering these factors allows you to confidently navigate your mobile bidding software options, ensuring your event meets its fundraising goals and provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Top 9 Mobile Bidding Software in 2024

It's important to remember that the best choice varies depending on your event's unique needs and goals. The platforms listed (in no particular order) have been selected based on their comprehensive feature sets, pricing structures, customer service excellence, and overall user experience. What works for one organization may not be the best fit for another organization. That's why it's important to explore your options and not just go with whichever has the flashiest website or charges the most. 


GiveSmart Logo

Website: givesmart.com

GiveSmart stands out with a robust offering that includes online and mobile bidding, event management, donor engagement, and insightful reporting and analytics. Its comprehensive payment processing system streamlines transactions, making the bidding process smooth and efficient for organizers and participants.

Pricing and customer service: GiveSmart tailors its pricing based on the size and needs of your event, ensuring you get a package that fits just right. When it comes to customer service, they provide a well-rounded support system, including phone, email, chat, and even onsite support, ensuring that help is always at hand.

Why it's a top choice: The popularity and trust that GiveSmart has garnered in the industry are not without reason; its all-encompassing features, adaptable pricing, and stellar customer support make it an excellent choice for various types and sizes of events. It’s especially known for its personalized text messaging features allowing for excellent interactions with donors. 

Silent Auction Pro

Silent Auction Pro Logo

Website: silentauctionpro.com

Silent Auction Pro is a versatile and comprehensive platform ideal for both virtual and in-person fundraising events. It offers extensive features, including online/mobile bidding, live auction support, engaging games, instant outbid notifications, and more for a dynamic fundraising experience. The platform also excels in event management with donor tracking, customizable landing pages, and detailed AI-powered reporting. Its advanced ticketing and seating management tools cater to various event types, making event logistics a breeze.

Pricing and customer service: Offering a competitive pricing model, Silent Auction Pro has various plans and packages, delivering value-packed solutions for various event sizes and budgets. The platform stands out for its exceptional customer service, providing dedicated support and expert advice through free event coaching, webinars, and a wealth of online training materials, enhancing the overall user experience. Silent Auction Pro is also available during your event via phone and e-mail, not to mention the option for on-site support as well. 

Why it's a top choice: Silent Auction Pro distinguishes itself with its blend of advanced features, user-friendly interface, and dedicated customer support. It offers the same if not more, features than other bidding software options at a more affordable price. Its ability to cater to both the auction and broader event management aspects makes it a preferred choice for nonprofits looking to streamline their fundraising efforts. The platform's commitment to continuous innovation and education ensures it remains a leader, offering more than just a software solution but a partnership in successful fundraising. It’s invaluable for organizations that run multiple events and appreciate top-notch customer service. 


Handbid Logo

Website: handbid.com

Handbid offers a delightful blend of mobile and online bidding capabilities, complemented by live auction support, ticketing and registration services, and comprehensive invoicing and receipts. Its reporting and analytics are top-notch, providing organizers with valuable insights.

Pricing and customer service: With a pricing model that includes both per-event and annual unlimited event options, Handbid caters to a wide range of budgets and event frequencies. The customer support features phone, email, chat, and a rich knowledge base.

Why it's a top choice: Handbid has a user-friendly, intuitive app that runs easily on any device. The ease of use is a significant draw, particularly for events with diverse participants in terms of tech familiarity. Organizations love Handbid’s unique live-streaming capabilities, a perfect way to compliment live events.


Gesture Logo

Website: https://www.communitybrands.com/products/gesture/

Gesture brings to the table a comprehensive and flexible mobile bidding solution. Its capabilities extend beyond mobile and online bidding to include event management, donor management, and a suite of payment processing options. The platform's flexibility allows it to integrate with various fundraising platforms.

Pricing and customer service: Gesture offers customized pricing, ensuring you pay for your needs. Their support system includes phone, email, chat, and onsite support, covering all bases for any eventuality that may arise during an auction.

Why it's a top choice: One of Gesture's standout features is its ability to integrate with a range of fundraising platforms. This integration capability makes it an excellent choice for organizations using multiple donor management and event planning tools. Gesture is mostly known for its in-depth analytics and insight that help organizations get the most out of their events. 


GalaBid Logo

Website: galabid.com

GalaBid steps into the spotlight with a full selection of offerings for the modern fundraiser. This platform provides mobile and online bidding, comprehensive event management, effective donor management, and detailed reporting. Additionally, GalaBid simplifies transactions with its efficient payment processing system, making it a well-rounded choice for event organizers.

Pricing and customer service: GalaBid offers customized pricing, ensuring that organizations pay for exactly what they need. The platform supports its users with phone, email, and chat options.

Why it's a top choice: GalaBid's appeal lies in its versatility and user-friendliness. Its features cater to a wide range of fundraising needs. This adaptability and its reliable customer support make GalaBid a favored choice for organizers who run various events. Whether for a small local fundraiser or a large gala, GalaBid provides a seamless, stress-free experience, ensuring that every event runs smoothly from start to finish. Users love GalaBid for its social media integration and post-event feedback surveys. 


OneCause Logo

Website: onecause.com

OneCause stands as a leader in the mobile bidding space, offering an extensive array of features. These include mobile and online bidding, event management, donor management, and advanced reporting and analytics. Their payment processing system is designed to be effective and user-friendly. 

Pricing and customer service: OneCause's commitment to customer service is evident in its comprehensive support options, which include phone, email, chat, and onsite support. This pricing model ensures that any issues can be quickly and effectively resolved, allowing for flawless event execution.

Why it's a top choice: OneCause is often perceived as a premium option in the market, catering to a wide range of events with its versatile and robust platform. Its reputation for quality and comprehensive service has made it a go-to choice for many high-profile fundraisers and charity events. OneCause is especially popular for its auction item procurement and packaging tools that ensure auction items leave the event with their bidders. 


ClickBid Logo

Website: clickbidonline.com

ClickBid stands out for its straightforward and secure approach. This platform is designed with simplicity and offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both organizers and bidders to navigate. The platform strongly emphasizes security, ensuring all transactions and personal data are protected with the latest technology.

Pricing and customer service: ClickBid's pricing is structured to cater to a range of events, offering both per-event and annual options. This flexibility makes it suitable for organizations hosting multiple events throughout the year. In terms of support, ClickBid provides efficient service through phone, email, and comprehensive online resources, ensuring that help is readily available when needed.

Why it's a top choice: ClickBid is particularly appealing to those who value ease of use and security above all. Its intuitive design is ideal for events where participants may not be tech-savvy, allowing for a smooth bidding process with minimal confusion or technical difficulties. ClickBid stands out as mobile bidding software that allows donors to bid from any internet-capable device without downloading an app or sending texts. 


Accelevents Logo

Website: accelevents.com

Accelevents sets itself apart with its innovative approach, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the bidding experience. This AI integration aids in automating various aspects of the event, from bidder engagement to data analysis, leading to more efficient and successful fundraisers.

Pricing and customer service: Accelevents offers a unique pricing model that includes a per-bidder option and a monthly subscription for unlimited events, making it an attractive choice for both one-time and frequent organizers. Their robust customer support system features phone, email, chat, and a knowledge base, ensuring users can access assistance whenever needed.

Why it's a top choice: What makes Accelevents stand out are its features designed to boost engagement. These include gamification elements and interactive tools that make the bidding process more enjoyable and encourage greater participation and, ultimately, higher fundraising results. Make sure to explore its various badges and leaderboards that turn every fundraising event into a game. 


Bidding Owl Logo

Website: biddingowl.com

BiddingOwl presents a comprehensive suite tailored for efficient fundraising. Key features include mobile and online bidding, streamlined event and donor management, insightful reporting, analytics, and intuitive payment processing. These tools are designed to facilitate every aspect of the auction process, from start to finish.

Pricing and customer service: BiddingOwl stands out with its budget-conscious pricing model. You can pay a percentage of online donations or an annual fee for unlimited events. This approach makes it highly accessible for smaller organizations. In terms of customer service, BiddingOwl provides support primarily through email and online help, focusing on prompt and effective solutions for any queries or issues.

Why it's a top choice: BiddingOwl earns its spot on this list by effectively balancing cost-efficiency with a comprehensive feature set. It's favored by small to medium-sized nonprofits due to its affordable pricing and user-friendly interface. The platform's straightforward approach to digital fundraising makes it an ideal choice for organizations making their first foray into online auctions. BiddingOwl is one of the only solutions that help you design and manage your auction website, categorize auction items, and monitor your bids in real-time. 

Your guide to selecting mobile bidding software

Choosing the right mobile bidding software can feel like navigating a maze. Each option has unique strengths, but your best choice hinges on your specific event needs and budget constraints. Start by assessing your event's scale, your audience's technical comfort, and the features you absolutely need. Then, weigh these against the pricing models of each option. Remember, a higher price doesn't always mean a better fit for your needs.

Silent Auction Pro: Standing out in the crowd

When pitted against giants in the field, Silent Auction Pro holds its ground with remarkable features at an affordable price point. It goes head-to-head with well-known platforms like OneCause, offering a comparable range of services but stands out with its "Bid for Me" feature, customizable color branding, and instant outbid notifications. These features improve the user experience and keep engagement levels high throughout your event.

The transparent pricing model of Silent Auction Pro is a breath of fresh air in a market where hidden fees are expected. The option to pay after your event also eases the financial strain on your organization. Throw in their exceptional customer service and in-depth reporting, and you can see why more organizations are trying Silent Auction Pro.

Your Path to a Successful Event

It's easy to see that the right software can make a significant difference in the success of your fundraising events. Each platform on our list offers unique benefits and pricing options; your choice should align with your specific needs, audience, and budget. 

While your organization may be content with running your events the same way you always have, the reality is that you're leaving money on the table and missing opportunities to create deeper connections with your audience. Combining digital technology with analog fundraising efforts is no longer a dream of the future; it's a necessity of the present. 

Of course, embracing technology in your fundraising efforts doesn't mean you have to toss your paper bidding/sign-up sheets, donation boxes, or raffle tickets. Instead, it means complimenting your existing system with tools to make your life easier and reach greater. 

Try Silent Auction Pro and step forward with confidence

Scrabble tiles that read, ''Yes You Can.''

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what each mobile bidding platform offers, it's time to take the next step. Check out the top contenders, explore their features, and see which aligns best with your event's goals. While you're investigating your options, don't forget to try a no-obligation, free demo of Silent Auction Pro. 

Remember, the right mobile bidding software doesn't just facilitate bidding; it enhances the entire experience of your event, paving the way for greater engagement, smoother operations, and, ultimately, more successful fundraising.

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