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Credit Card Fees

Silent Auction Pro™ partners with CardConnect, as well as Worldpay (formerly Vantiv Integrated Payments) - both industry leaders in PCI DSS compliant payment processing, to offer fully-integrated, secure and cost-effective payment processing. The table below outlines the various fees for each of our card processing partners.

Processing Fees
Fee CardConnect Worldpay
Card Present Processing Fee (such as Online ticket sales) 2.9% (1) 2.9% (2)
Standard Processing Fee (Using stored credit cards, non-AmEx) 2.9% (1) 2.9% (2)
Processing Fee (American Express) 2.9% (1) 2.9% (2)
Per Transaction Fee (all card types) n/a n/a
Min Monthly Fee $25(3) n/a(4)
Card Reader Rental Fees $10/reader/month(5) $10.00/reader/event(6)
Card Reader Purchase Fees ~$115/reader(7) ~$75.00/reader(8)
(1) All CardConnect customers receive the same 2.9% fee on all transactions regardless of when the account was created, or card type.

(2) The quoted 2.9% rate applies ONLY to NEW Worldpay customers. For Worldpay customers (or former Vantiv customers) who created an account before January 11, 2019: Worldpay charges 1% over the Interchange rate charged by the credit card companies.The rate you would pay will depend on the type of card your customer uses and will typically range from 2.5% to 3.5%. Standard bank cards will be at the lower end while high rewards type cards will be at the upper end.
Existing customers who would like to switch to the 2.9% flat pricing should contact Worldpay Customer Care at 800-846-4472 and ask for Merchant Liaison/Retention Team. From there you will be routed to the appropriate representative who will re-apply/adjust your account to the new flat-rate pricing.

(3)Beginning September 1, 2021 CardConnect will charge an ongoing monthly fee of $25 per month to maintain your account in an active status, and/or charge a fee if the stated monthly minimum ($25 in transaction fees or about $860 in sales) is not met. That means that for every month your group is not accepting transactions for an event, or meeting the required minimum, CardConnect will automatically withdraw $25 as a monthly minimum fee.

**To cancel your CardConnect account in order to avoid monthly fees, please call CardConnect Customer Service at: 877-828-0720. You will also need your CardConnect Merchant ID (MID) found under the Group Admin>>Configure Merchant Account menu item.

(4)Worldpay will NOT charge an ongoing monthly fee to maintain your account in an active status, or charge a fee if a monthly minimum is not met.

(5) The CardConnect encrypted secuRED wedge card reader is easily rented through our direct sales rep, Jonah Abrahams. Email Jonah to complete the Equipment Loan form. All shipping is covered by CardConnect. You pay only $10/month to loan the secuRED wedge card reader directly from CardConnect. Only the secuRED device will work to process cards through Silent Auction Pro™ and it must be loaned through CardConnect.

(6) Worldpay requires encrypted credit card readers. Silent Auction Pro™ offers the required readers for rental at a cost of $10.00 per reader per event. Navigate to GroupAdmin>>Request Credit Card Readers to process your Worldpay card reader rental through Silent Auction Pro™. See the Credit Card Readers/Swipers help page for more detailed information on how to rent card readers from Silent Auction Pro™.

(7) Contact CardConnect by logging into your CardPointe account to order the required encrypted secuRED wedge card reader device. Or, contact our direct sales rep Jonhah to have him place the order for you. Remember: Only the wedge device will work to process cards through Silent Auction Pro™ and it must be purchased through CardConnect.

(8) Worldpay encrypted card readers are available for purchase directly from Silent Auction Pro™ as well. Contact the support team for more information:

Ready to sign up?

Click here to begin the account creation process for CardConnect

Click here to begin the account creation process for Worldpay

To rent credit card readers for Worldpay or CardConnect accounts:

Please see our help page on Credt Card Readers for detailed information on how to purchase or rent the required reader for your merchant account.

Prior to March 2019 we also offered PayPal as another processor option. Due to many technical issues boarding customers, we are no longer recommending or supporting PayPal as a card processor. If you are a current Silent Auction Pro™ customer still utilizing PayPal, we will assist you as needed, but strongly recommend switching to either CardConnect or Worldpay for card processing. Here is a link to the old Configuring PayPal documentation.