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Credit Card Readers About credit card readers

If you are using the integrated credit card processing within Silent Auction Pro you will probably want credit card readers to expedite check-in and check-out at your event. Though they are not required (you can hand enter credit card numbers) they definitely speed up check-in and check-out for people who don't already have a card on file, or for people who want to use a different card at check-out.

How many readers should you have?

The table below shows the number of check-in / check-out stations we would recommend where each station is a laptop computer, credit card reader, mouse and a trained staff member.

Recommended Number of Stations
Number of
Number of
< 100 2
100 - 150 3
150 - 250 4
250 - 400 5
400 - 600 6
600+ 7+
If you are offering online bidding prior to the night of your event, most of your attendees should already be registered and have a credit card on file. Guests may check out on their own devices. In this situation you may need fewer check-in / check-out stations and readers at your event.

The type of credit card reader you need depends on your choice of credit card processor.

Vantiv credit card readers

For added security, Vantiv Integrated Payments requires credit card readers that are encrypted with a Vantiv key. You may purchase these readers directly from Vantiv for ~$100 per reader or may rent them from Silent Auction Pro for $35 per reader including shipping if they are reserved in advance. Readers requested within 8 days of your event incur additional shipping and handling fees. You can request readers online by logging in to Silent Auction Pro and selecting the Request Credit Card Readers option from the Group Admin menu. Please don't wait until the last minute as we have a limited number of readers and may not be able to accommodate your needs. Note that card readers that are not encrypted with the Vantiv key WILL NOT WORK with the integrated merchant account.

To rent readers from Silent Auction Pro for Vantiv accounts, go to the Group Admin tab and select the Request Credit Card Readers option.

PayPal credit card readers

PayPal does not require specially encrypted readers and in theory any 3-Track reader that plugs into the USB port of your computer should work. Having said this, we have not done extensive testing and urge you to order your readers early and test them well before your event.

PayPal supplied mobile chip/card readers will NOT work within Silent Auction Pro.

The following readers are available from Amazon and have been tested to work with PayPal on a Dell laptop:

PayPal Compatible Credit Card Readers
Manufacturer Description Cost
2xhome POSMATE - USB Mini Credit Card 3 Track Hi Lo Co Magnetic Reader Swiper for POS System Cashier Registry Cash Register Quickbook ~$20
MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe Dual Head Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Card Reader with 6' USB Interface Cable, 60 in/s Swipe Speed, 5V, Black ~$50
It is critical that you test any reader you purchase well before your event on the computers that you will be using at the event.

We DO NOT recommend the following readers as we have had reported problems with them:

Do Not Use These Readers
Manufacturer Description Cost
Futura USB 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Credit Card Hi Lo Co Magnetic Reader for POS System Cashier Registry ~$17