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2018 Night Time Fundraiser

Zero Waste Basket from Ms. Ventzke's Class

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Zero Waste Basket from Ms. Ventzke

Value: $210

Zero Waste Basket from Ms. Ventzke's Class

Everyday items without any waste. Basket includes: 2 water bottles, 2 lunch boxes, reusable straws, bees wax reusable wrap, 6 wool dryer balls, silicon reusable baking cups, 6 cloth napkins, kitchen cloths, coffee cup, 3 reusable produce bags, 4 bamboo toothbrushes, worm compost bin and reusable shopping bag

Donated By: Belia C Ventzke - Maestra Ventzke's 1st Grade Class at PEC

Current Bid:

  • Total Value:$210
  • Minimum Bid:$45
  • Bid Increment:$15
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Your donation will help continue PE, art, garden, music and science programs at our school.

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