Statuary Yard Art and Rosedale Gardens Gift Card


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Statuary Yard Art

Statuary Yard ArtStatuary Yard ArtStatuary Yard ArtStatuary Yard ArtStatuary Yard Art
Value: $50
Donated By: Ronald Roberts
Three statues and a vase would weather the elements and look elegant througout your yard or on your patio.  They are not a set, but rather come in individual sizes and textures.
Man with child statue:  11" tall
Boy with rabbit statue:  12" tall
Young girl statue:  21 1/2" tall
Pottery vase:  11 1/2" tall.

Rosedale Gardens Gift Certificate

Rosedale Gardens Gift Certificate
Value: $50
Donated By: Lyn Junge - Rosedale Gardens
A $50.00 gift certificate to Rosedale Gardens, where you can enjoy a walk through the nursery and gardens.  See what is new this year and use the gift certificate to add something special to your yard.

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  • Total Value:$100
  • Minimum Bid:$10
  • Minimum Bid Increment:$5
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