Two Rie Munoz Framed Posters


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Two Rie Munoz Framed Posters

Two Rie Munoz Framed PostersTwo Rie Munoz Framed Posters
Value: $150
Donated By: Tom Stanfield
Rie Muñoz (1921 – 2015) was an American artist and Bureau of Indian Affairs educator.  Muñoz' work featured watercolors, and she created prints of Alaska life.  Muñoz taught school in rural Alaska (King Island, 1951), and worked as a writer and cartoonist for the Juneau Empire newspaper.  Her paintings, prints and reproductions are carried by galleries throuhout the U.S. and Canada, including the Frye Art Museum in Seattle.  

"Rie Muñoz in Tapestry" is from her 1982 show at the famous Artique Ltd. art gallery in Anchorage, Alaska.  

"Iditarod Racer Leaving Shaktoolik" is a framed poster from her 1984 showing at Art Expo New York '84.  

Each framed poster measures 18" x 24".

Current Bid:

  • Total Value:$150
  • Minimum Bid:$30
  • Minimum Bid Increment:$10
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