Custom Made Elevated Herb Garden and Rosedale Gardens Gift Card


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Custom Made Elevated Herb Garden

Custom Made Elevated Herb Garden
Value: $200
Donated By: Jill Guernsey & Tom Stanfield
Q: What happened when Mel Wick taught Jill to use an impact driver?
A:  She built an elevated herb garden.  It's not nearly as nice as what Mel would have constructed, but he looked over my shoulder, so to speak, and we did it!

Constructed of cedar and galvanized steel, it measures:  31" H x 36" W x 12" D (approximately), and is lined with landscape fabric.

$50 Rosedale Gardens Gift Card

$50 Rosedale Gardens Gift Card
Value: $50
Donated By: Scott Junge - Rosedale Gardens
$50 gift certificate to Rosedale Gardens, where you can enjoy a walk through the nursery and gardens.  See what is new this year and use the gift certificate to add something special to your yard.

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  • Minimum Bid:$40
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