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Custom Knife Commission by Ben Bischoff

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Custom Knife Commission by Ben Bischoff

Value: Priceless

Custom Knife Commission by Ben Bischoff

Ben Bischoff is one of the United State's best Bladesmiths. His custom knife designs regularly command upwards of $8,000.00 Mr. Bischoff and his wife Pamela have graciously donated a unique experience for a lucky bidder - the opportunity to work with Ben to create a unique commissioned knife! You will have the choice of either having Mr. Bischoff create a stainless blade or Damascus (folding knife) and choose the material for the handle - everything from Wooly Mammoth Ivory (legal) to exotic woods. There is normally a 2 year waiting list for such a knife but Mr. Bischoff will give the winner of this auction a priority place on his list and begin. This is a unique opportunity to create an heirloom knife from one of America's best bladesmiths.

Restrictions: Note: The winner will receive their blade directly from Mr. Bischoff's workshop. Donated By: Ben Bischoff - Pamela Kay Connery

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