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RAFFLE: Fresh Flower Bouquet #1


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RAFFLE: Fresh Flower Bouquet #1

RAFFLE: Fresh Flower Bouquet #1RAFFLE: Fresh Flower Bouquet #1RAFFLE: Fresh Flower Bouquet #1
Donated By: Valerie Tims
You can say it with flowers with a one-of-a-kind floral bouquet; delivered on a Sunday at CSL Greenlake by 9am during the month of June 2022. You pick it up there before the end of second service; specific date to be coordinated with raffle winner and Valerie. Sample bouquets are pictured.

Retail Value: $45

Cycle through three sample bouquets by clicking the arrow on the right side of the photo.

Each ticket purchase is for 1 chance to win this item! The winner will receive necessary contact information to claim their winnings.

  • Price:$2