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RAFFLE: Spiritual Journey with Rev. John Halas


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RAFFLE: Spiritual Journey with Rev. John Halas

RAFFLE: Spiritual Journey with Rev. John Halas
Donated By: John Halas
Your spiritual journey begins with Rev. John picking you up in his Tesla and driving you to a mutually agreed upon location. Is there a special place in Western Washington that feeds your soul?          

At your destination what activity will open your heart. Will you hike, ski, swim, meditate, simply be or something else?        

Along the way you will be encouraged to share what is on your heart and what you long to experience in your life. You will be guided to perceive your innate magnificence, power and capacity to create. What are your greatest dreams?        

A meal will be served to you that aligns with your personal dietary preferences.        

There will be prayers and a high probability of miracles.        

What treasures will you bring a home with you?

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