Agassiz Seed & Supply Alfalfa Seed


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Agassiz Seed & Supply Alfalfa Seed

Agassiz Seed & Supply Alfalfa Seed
Value: $450
Donated By: Agassiz Seed & Supply
Bidders can choose from either 2 bags of Mega-Ton or 2 bags of Maxi-Ton Alfalfa.

Mega-Ton™  Brand Alfalfa
This showy dark green variety is the next generation of alfalfas showing outstanding forage yield and quality.  Mega-ton delivers stronger early seedling growth and rapid recovery after each cutting.  The high leaf-to-stem ratio and multi-foliate expression allows this variety to produce more tons per acre than other varieties.  Mega-ton was selected for its forage yield and quality, stand persistence and its high resistance to all major diseases.
Maxi-Ton™  Pro Brand Alfalfa
For the most progressive alfalfa growers, our proprietary Maxi-Ton Pro stands above the rest. It is an extremely high-yielding variety with the fastest re-growth potential in our alfalfa portfolio. The opportunity for additional cuttings, coupled with an impressive disease package and very fine stem, makes this the best choice for producing a profitable forage.

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Delivery will be coordinated with the winner within the contiguous United States .

Current Bid:

  • Total Value:$450
  • Minimum Bid:$90
  • Minimum Bid Increment:$10
  • High Bidder: Craig Fietzer
All Sales Final
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