A little Spice in your life $125


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A little Spice in your life $125

A little Spice in your life $125
Value: $130
Donated By: Cheryl Evenson
A little bit of everything, wake up, refresh, relax and organize that spice in your life.

  1.  Spice Shelf, etc.:  Contains:


  • Expandable, stack able wooden spice organizer
  • Laird USDA Organic Peruvian Coffee (Arabica, dark roast, ground) with Functional Mushrooms
  • Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream and Naked Bee Hand Salve
  • Leather ear buds case and cell phone stand
  • Bend logo coffee cup
  • Oregon wildlife shot glass

Shipping to be paid for by purchaser

Current Bid:

  • Total Value:$130
  • Minimum Bid:$20
  • Minimum Bid Increment:$10
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