Wine Tasting Tour for 4 People


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Wine Tasting Tour for 4 People

Wine Tasting Tour for 4 PeopleWine Tasting Tour for 4 PeopleWine Tasting Tour for 4 People
Value: $40
Donated By: Abacela Winery
Abacela was an experiment they hoped would answer a question that had puzzled them for years: Why doesn’t America produce any fine varietal Tempranillo wine? Earl and Hilda probably weren’t the first enophiles to wonder why the great grape of Spain’s famous Rioja wines was mysteriously absent from American fine wine. However they were the first to approach the question with scientific rigor, form a hypothesis, then devote their lives to testing it. This is the story of how one ordinary family’s curiosity and determination transformed their lives, built one of Oregon’s best-loved wineries and influenced winegrowing not only in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest but across America 

Expires May 22, 2022
Must be 21 or older

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