Book A season with Mom by Katie Russel Newland $18.99


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Book A season with Mom by Katie Russel Newland $18.99

Book A season with Mom by Katie Russel Newland $18.99
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"Maybe you've been putting your own dreams on hold. Maybe you're recovering from your own illness. Maybe you've lost someone you care about . . . After reading this book, you'll be eager to imagine your own amazing next season." -- Peyton Manning, from the foreword
 A Season with Mom offers readers an intimate, true story about the bond shared between a mother and daughter, a road trip to all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) parks, and the importance of relishing every joy and struggle along the way.
The book is highly recommended for
mothers and daughters
cancer survivors
baseball and sports fans of all ages
anyone who has experienced loss . . . and maybe fallen in love along the way
Join Katie as she travels more than 30,000 miles to all 30 MLB parks in a single season, a rare feat covered by the likes of ESPN. Along with black-and-white photographs, Katie shares letters written to her mom, who died of cancer before the two of them could go on the adventure of a lifetime together.
During the journey, Katie beautifully illustrates the brevity of life, the impetus of adventure, and the clarity that comes by watching America's favorite pastime.
A Season with Mom reminds readers that in life, as in baseball, sometimes you strike out, but sometimes you hit home runs. And even if the wait is longer than you'd hoped--like it was for the Chicago Cubs' long-sought World Series win--dreams can come true.

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