Auction Chair

Raised over $22,000

P'nai Or

This is the first time we have done a large silent and live auction. We were encouraged to purchase the use of software to keep our data accurate and to make sure we could effectively track our donations and attendees. We decided to use Silent Auction Pro because it seemed very comprehensive and very reasonably priced compared to others available thru the internet. Although having a fundraiser is a labor intensive experience, we found that Silent Auction Pro had every aspect of our event covered. There were many aspects of the software that supported us during the planning and implementation process. The support staff was exceptional in their willingness to answer questions and coach us thru email or even phone calls. They even phoned me the day of the auction to make sure all was going well. I was impressed!! Now that our auction is over..we know exactly how much money was raised thru ticket sales, cash donations, and our silent and live auction. Everything is well organized..item by item. I feel this software was a bargain considering all we learned and received from using it.

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