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Our Silent Auction Pro™ Story...

Jim, President and Founder


In the 2000 my wife and I moved to Tahoe City to escape the rat race of Silicon Valley. I was working for a small but growing company writing code for their website and had the opportunity to telecommute. We were new to the community so I decided to join the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe City to help give back and meet people.

The Kiwanis Club had been holding a small silent auction based fundraiser for a few years and was using a Microsoft Access based database to help track all the donations they were getting. I volunteered and worked the event for a couple years. The events were successful but the check-in and check-out process was a nightmare. With my background in software development and this relatively new thing called the Internet, I knew I could make it better.

I wrote the first version of what is now Silent Auction Pro for my club using ''Cold Fusion'' and continued to improve it for two or three years. The issues with check-in and check-out virtually disappeared and attendees started noticing how well our events were running. People started asking if they could use the software for their own fund raising events. I had only written the software to support one organization so there really wasn't any way to let others use it.

In 2005 I completely rewrote the system using PHP and MySQL and released it as ''Silent Auction Pro'' and offered it to other charitable organizations. The word spread about how well it streamlined the whole fundraising process and our business was born. To date Silent Auction Pro has helped raise almost $100 million dollars for charitable organizations.

I love that we are helping great organizations do amazing things for their communities. I also love that virtually everyone on our team - most importantly our sales and support staff - were and are still all customers of Silent Auction Pro. We've all walked in the shoes of our customers, we understand the challenges that are faced by small and large organizations in running fund-raising events. Our solution has grown over almost 20 years to include virtually every option or feature an organization would need to run their event. From including an embedded live stream for your fund-a-need to auctioning off a goat (that's another story...) we have it covered.

Jennifer, Bookkeeper


When Jim joined the Kiwanis Club (by the way, Jim is my husband!), we became involved in their events. We took on the annual event and changed things up! We found a new location, personally decorated the venue, chose the menu, and even hired a band. We encouraged dancing after the silent and live auctions were completed. It was a successful night both monetarily and in enjoyment!

I started working for Silent Auction Pro part-time doing the shipments and tracking of the credit card reader rentals in 2012. After a few months, I also took on the bookkeeping.

We donate our personal condo in Cabo San Lucas to many of our customers as an auction item for a 5 night stay. We have had huge success with this and have had some wonderful people enjoying our condo, even having return guests! I am the contact and do all of the reservations and bookings. Our team in Cabo does all the hands on work. We do not rent our condo out by any other means, only as a donation to our customers!

We were so pleased to bring our wonderful team down to Cabo in 2019 for a Team Building Experience. Everyone had a great time and it was so fun to see everyone meet each other for the first time! Being from all across the US, this was the first time that we all came together. Jim and I feel very blessed that we have nurtured this business and have such an awesome team working for us.

Dana, Technical Support Specialist

North Carolina

In 2012, I was sitting on the floor of my daughter's preschool, surrounded by piles of paper tickets, gift baskets and miscellaneous donations thinking there had to be a better way to manage this chaos. A Google search and phone call later, I signed up with Silent Auction Pro. I was most excited about not having to manage multiple spreadsheets, but soon realized the software offered ticketing, Thank You letters, gift certificates, communications and much more. What a lifesaver for this busy mom and volunteer! After our event, my Director said she would pay for the software out of her own pocket if she never had to cut another paper ticket again! They are still using Silent Auction Pro to this day and one of our oldest customers!

Fast forward to 2015, I received an email from Silent Auction Pro indicating they were hiring. Between all my kids' schools and activities, I was involved in multiple fundraisers and realized that I truly enjoyed planning and managing events. When I joined Silent Auction Pro, we were a crafty team of 3 and managed Sales and Technical Support together. As our company grew, I moved into more of a technical role. While I still love to talk to new customers about creative ways to present auction items or FundANeeds, I really enjoy the problem solving, testing and programmatic aspect of our amazing software! If you have ever reached out to us, you'll get a glimpse of how our team is really part of an extended family and we feel that way about our customers too!

Becca, User Experience Specialist


When my school PTO decided we were done with the stress of our very unorganized paper-based silent auction, my co-chair and I started looking for a better solution... enter Silent Auction Pro™. We had our best event ever, making more money with less people and effort, and every one of our attendees raved about how fun it was! Silent Auction Pro had saved our auction... and 2 months later they were looking for ''Event Coaches'' to help other organizations have a successful experience. My youngest was headed to Kindergarten, and it was time to go back to work. Silent Auction Pro was the perfect way for me to further my career, and still help people at the same time...while being part of an incredible team of individuals.

Flash forward 5 years and here I still sit. My team mates have become family and it's been the most rewarding job of my career! I now handle more development and support issues rather than coaching, but being able to help other people support their chosen charity, and to help those charities make more money, is my newfound joy. Each of our customers is important to me and I feel blessed to call many of them friends.

Christina, Sales


In 2018 the Willow Center, an organization that I volunteered for, reached out a few weeks before their Event and asked me to help find Auction Software with invoicing capability.

I reached out to four auction software companies. I either had to leave a voicemail, fill out a form, or send an email requesting information. But then, on the first call to Silent Auction Pro™, an Event Coach (Becca), actually answered the phone to my surprise, and it was a Saturday! Even though I had a background in computers, I have never used any type of online auction software.

Becca helped explain what auction software can do, what features I might need, and what Silent Auction Pro could offer. Silent Auction Pro's pricing was very straightforward, and Becca explained that even though it was quite user-friendly, I'd have an Event Coach guiding me through the process. With my event coming up very quickly, Becca let me know it would be quite the challenge to get the auction running in time, and even suggested I perhaps look for a simpler process. But an online auction was the right path for Willow Center and the board decided, with only 8 days to spare, that Silent Auction Pro was the platform for them.

The owner of Silent Auction Pro, Jim Donnell, had reached out to me and cautioned me as he was concerned that I had such a short window that perhaps I should consider other solutions. I told him I was going to use Silent Auction Pro, and I would make it work. The entire team at Silent Auction Pro was accommodating and stepped up to the plate to help me get the auction and tickets ready to go just 8 days before the event was to take place. I was so impressed with how the Support team not only helped me, but the way they helped each other make all customers happy.

As it turns out, Silent Auction Pro was looking for another Coach, and Becca asked if I was interested in a job, as they were impressed with my determination and deployment of Silent Auction Pro. I came on board as an Event Coach two weeks later. Today, I enjoy coaching Silent Auction Pro customers and hearing the pride in their voices when they exceed their goals.

Susan, Marketing and Technical Support


After helping plan several events for our local children's choir and watching them grow, I knew we needed software to make the job more efficient and manageable. In 2018, I started searching for a cost effective and easy to use platform that would take some of the burden off of the event planning process. After extensive research I decided to use Silent Auction Pro for our annual gala! The software changed the game, making it fun and easy for both the planning committee and our guests. I received excellent support from my event coach and the technical support team. By the end of the event, they almost felt like family!

I received an email in January 2019 letting me know Silent Auction Pro was hiring. I immediately knew I wanted to be part of the team. I came on board as an event coach for the central region, and a few weeks later also joined the technical support team. In April 2021, I moved into a marketing role and have loved connecting other organizations with our incredible software, knowing first hand how useful it can be when raising money for so many great missions. It's truly rewarding to help people make a difference each and every day!

Misty, Sales


For several years I was the chairperson for an annual fundraiser that was held for the small Catholic school that my children attended. Over the years our event grew in size and we needed to find a software to help us streamline the processes. From the very beginning, the unwavering support and the willingness to listen and implement suggestions made Silent Auction Pro the best choice for our group. We were so proud to see our proceeds increase from year to year and the features of the software factored into every dollar that we earned. We had more time to plan our event and solicit auction items because the administrative side of things was much easier for us.

I was so excited to be given the opportunity in 2019 to join the team and share all of the benefits that I have experienced using the software. Being an event planner with a restaurant background, I feel comfortable helping others plan and sharing my ideas and past experiences with our customers. Wearing the sales hat now for the company, I love when a customer asks me for a reference and I can provide over 10 years of positive feedback. What I enjoy the most is letting them know that we are on their side. Each and every member of our team has been in their shoes and we want nothing more than to help them succeed. It is amazing to me how much the software has changed over the years but one thing has remained the same, the desire of each and every one of us to make sure that our customers feel supported and prepared for their big day!

Tricia, Technical Support


When I started working for a private school five years ago, my main job was planning the biggest fundraiser of the year. which included a large silent auction. I tasked my husband (who is a tech guru) to find a silent auction software that would cost us the least amount of money, but give us the most functionality. After researching, his recommendation to me was Silent Auction Pro™. I did a demo of the software with an Event coach, fell in love with the software and the support staff...we haven't turned back since.

The school I work for still uses Silent Auction Pro for our annual Draw Down, and now also use it for many other school events. We use it for our giving platform and for any events we host or need to sell tickets for.

After my last annual event completed, my Event Coach told me that Silent Auction Pro was hiring, and I wanted to be part of that time. In Spring of 2021 I was hired as a part time Tech Support team member. Since I am still working for the school that led me to Silent Auction Pro, I can only take support calls at night, but am eager to help you in your time of need! I am grateful for finding my way to Silent Auction Pro for many reasons; I have made such great friends that I think of as family and I am still helping the school I love with a great auction/giving platform.

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