Auction Chair

Raised over $180,000

Breckenridge Music Festival

I am a big fan of Silent Auction Pro, and maybe because not only is the HELP menu online well done and resolves most topics, Silent Auction Pro's technical support is quick to respond. Also, having compared several programs, Silent Auction Pro is competitively priced and really is the simplest to train a group on. Since it's online versus purchased software, everyone on your committee can access it from their computer wherever they are. We had 2 people doing just ticket sales and table/seating assignments; 4 doing silent/live auction items log in for example.

We have used Silent Auction Pro for the past 3 years for the Breckenridge Music Festival Annual Gala. We have close to 300 items in a silent auction, 20 "biggies" in the Live Auction, 250+ people attending and we do the entire event (excluding site expenses) including everything for the live & silent auction (donations database, auction # records, bidding sheets etc) ticket sales, seating & food info, name/seating cards/bid numbers with Silent Auction Pro. We also use their online auction module which works quite well, so therefore we also use their merchant account and credit card swipers. Twenty minutes after the event we have the outcomes excluding site expenses which we have to do manually, and the next day I can print off thank you letters to attendees, donors (with tax info), and bid winners (with tax info).

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