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Auction Types

Assigning auction types to auction items is a way of designating the items for different fundraising formats. Default auction types include Door Prize, Live Auction, Raffle Prize, Silent Auction, Silent Auction–Priceless, and Ticket Party. Auction items are listed by auction type within the Online Program Guide (available with the optional AuctionPromoter™ component). Auction administrators can add or edit auction types from the Auction Administrator page.

To add a new auction type
  1. Click the Auction Admin menu item and scroll down to the Edit Categories / Auction Types / Donation Tags section.
  2. Click Add Type to access the Add an Auction Type form.
  3. Enter the name of the new auction type.
  4. Complete the remainder of the form (see table below).
  5. Click the Add Type button to save the new auction type.
By default, only the Silent Auction and Silent Auction–Priceless types have bid sheets.
Auction Type Field Options
Field Description Notes
Type NameTitle of new auction typeEnter a name in the text box that best describes the type of auction, such as Bakeless Cake Sale.
Has an info sheet?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes generates an info sheet for use by an announcer or auctioneer. Print info sheets from the Auction Administrator page by clicking the Print Auctioneer Info Sheets button.
Is priceless?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes omits from any printed material—including bid sheets and the online program guide—the overall value of the auction item.
Is multi-winner?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes makes this a multiple winner type. Bid sheets are disabled and auction items with the same title will be grouped together and presented as fixed bid items. This is essentially the same as the Ticket Party type but you can assign a unique name for reporting and leader board display.
Has a bid sheet?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes generates a bid sheet for any Silent Auction type. It also enables the Print Bid Amounts and Has Buy-It-Now options.
Print bid amounts?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes prints a range of pre-defined bid amounts on the bid sheet using the specified minimum bid, bid increment, and maximum bid values. This is the recommended option as it prevents bidders from writing their own bids and possibly breaking the specified bid increment.
Has a Buy-It-Now price?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes prints the Buy-It-Now section on bid sheets or enables the Buy-It-Now option for online bidding for this Auction Type.
Has a tracking sheet?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes generates a table for tracking auction types for which bid sheets are not practical, such as live auctions, raffle tickets, and fixed-cost direct sales. The tracking sheet table shows the Item Number, Bid Winner, Amount, and Auction Item Title. Print a tracking sheet from the Auction Administrator page by selecting the auction type from the Print Tracking Sheet drop-down list and clicking the Print Tracking Sheet button. For AuctionDay users, the results that are manually recorded on the tracking sheet must then be entered into the database. See the Section Close Functions table and click the Enter Bid Results button.
Show in program guide?Yes|No radio buttonSelecting Yes (the default setting) includes auction items of this Auction Type in the online program guide and printed program guide. This also affects the display of items in the leader board marquee.