Shoal Creek Educational Foundation
Parents Night Out 2020
2020 Parents Night Out is going to be awesome! We have a new location, great food and an amazing live band that will be playing all of your favorite boy band hits.

Please select the ticket type and amount of tickets you would like to purchase below. Once you select your tickets, we are asking everyone to list each of the classes/teachers your children have this year. Please select the teacher name from the drop down menu for each student you have attending Shoal Creek. If you do not have any current students attending Shoal Creek, please just leave that area blank.

We want all of our great teachers to join us this year so we will be providing complimentary tickets to them. We do need help to offset that cost. If you are interested you can sponsor a full teacher ticket or half a teacher ticket below by selecting that ticket option along with your own tickets.

We look forward to seeing everyone on March 28th!

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