SiNaCa Studios
Ice Cream (Virtually) Social Summer Fundraising Event / 2020
 Sponsored by

Melt Ice Creams

The Loop Artist Complex | Fort Worth Focused

 A Charity Event for

SiNaCa Studios - School of Glass and Gallery

Even though we won't be cooling off the glass blowing furnace this summer, we are still celebrating with an Ice Cream (Virtually) Social fundraising event.  

$50  The Inside Scoop | Save $10 when you select all of our goodies; event shirt, scoop of ice cream & 2020 SiNaCa glass bowl

$5 Ice cream  |  $40  2020 SiNaCa Glass Bowl  |  $15 Event Shirt

$5 Smash the Sundae Raffle Tickets  

  • Items purchased by 7/9 will be available for pick up or delivery on Friday 7/10
  • Items purchased after 7/9 will be available for pick up or shipping after the event

  • The smash the sundae raffle will close on 7/10 at 7:00pm
  • The winner of the smash the sundae raffle will be announced at 8:00pm during our Virtual Open Studios Live Stream on Friday 7/10

  • The save the sundae silent auction will close on Saturday 7/11 at 12:00pm.  
  • If the highest bidder is above the reserve price, they will own the 2020 sundae and we will smash the 2021 ice cream sandwich instead.


Smash the 2020 Sundae


Live Stream Glass Blowing Demos for the Kiddos



A 2-hour 'flash sale' of bowls.

Roundup Bowls retail from $100 to $1,000 with a 50% consignment to each artist


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