We are seeking to fund the following initiatives to support our youth programming at Anisa's Place.

1. 2 sessions of equine therapy per month for each of our 6 youth through Acres of Hope for a total of $7200. Equine therapy has been shown to regulate emotions, restores brain function resulting from trauma, increasing ability to form relationships and establish boundaries.

2. Horticulture therapy $120/session, $240/month. Trained horticulture therapists will provide bi-weekly, on-site sessions for all youth in the home. Horticulture therapy has been proven to decrease depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms, increase self-esteem and efficacy, as well as be connected to balanced nutrition and self-care. The total for one year of horticulture therapy is $2880. We are seeking an additional amount of $750 to purchase materials and supplies specific to this project. Our total need is $3630. If you have items to donate in lieu of money to support this project, please email cassietrahan@avillageforone.org..

3. Anisa's Place House Shed. We are seeking an outdoor storage for our landscaping and gardening tools. We estimate the cost of this shed and foundation to cost between $2500-$3000.
Total Raised
$ 0
Goal: $13830
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