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2018 Night Time Fundraiser

Collaborative Wave Painting by Mrs. Hick's Class

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Collaborative Wave Painting by Mrs. Hick

Value: $100

Collaborative Wave Painting by Mrs. Hick's Class

One of a kind art made by the students in Mrs. Hick's 3rd grade class.

Restrictions: Please note that the "value" listed is based on the hands and hearts of our students used to create this art piece. The "fair market value" (FMV) is very difficult to determine since these art pieces in essence are "priceless." For tax purposes, you may only deduct what is paid over the FMV. Donated By: Hick's 3rd Grade Class

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  • Total Value:$100
  • Minimum Bid:$20
  • Bid Increment:$5
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Your donation will help continue PE, art, garden, music and science programs at our school.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible:

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